This scheme is divided into two aspects: on one hand, it is to establish a group pastoral platform for rehabilitated persons; on the other hand, it is to train rehabilitated persons with a stable faith to stand up and witness and serve the Lord.

Through the cultivation of faith in weekly gatherings, we encourage rehabilitated persons to build up each other, keep watch, and become a protection net for other rehabilitated persons, we encourage rehabilitated persons to pursue a called life.  As their lives continue to progress. They mature, reconcile with their families, set goals for life, and learn to serve the community. The mentor lead’s them into the community to care for and visit the hidden, lonely and poor people, distributed support materials, and spread the gospel to them; so the rehabilitated persons who were formerly saboteurs of the community, learn to use their lives to help make the community safe; they now arise to become servants, this benefits the community even more.

In addition, we select and invite some rehabilitated persons who are serious about their faith and serve as students, and cultivate them in a planned way. The training period is up to 4 years. Onesimus students receive spiritual and life counselling, as well as service training, and serve prisoners and rehabilitated groups sharing their stories of how they came through their past. After graduation, students will work in churches, gospel or social welfare institutions and mission organisations. Participants participate in the association’s in- and out-of-prison ministry and become helpers to the KSA co-workers; they return to serve in prison and are a great positive influence. On the one hand they witness to prison staff the power of the gospel to change lives on the other hand they give prisoners the hope of becoming a new creation, giving enlightenment and help positively challenge those who are in the dark and dominated by sin.

This scheme includes different partners, some social enterprises that employ rehabilitated persons, and dormitories for shepherding rehabilitated persons, rehabilitated persons are placed in various shepherding platforms for training, so that the lives of these rehabilitated persons can be strengthened.