Letter Writing Ministry

Our volunteers correspond as pen pals with the inmates through the KSA, enabling them to express their feelings through written words, while the volunteers sending their love and care by letters in return. We hope that, through letter-writing, we could encourage and nurture the inmates with the words from the Bible and send them blessings.

Bible Correspondence Courses

To help Christian inmates grow in their spiritual lives, we provide distance-learning courses in Christian Studies. Apart from courses from the Emmaus Bible Course and the New Life of True Light Biblical Course, we also began enrolling inmates in Distance Education courses of the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary for inmates to systematically learn the Christian faith, and to be deeply rooted in the Truth and to share their testimonies in prison. In order to guide the inmates to think about life and fate with genuine faith in God, so that their lives can be re-established biblically just like the apostles of Jesus Christ spreading the Good News even when in prison.