Angel Tree Programme

Every year, we conduct the programme in the institutions before Christmas.  The programme enables adult inmates to apply for a Christmas gift for their children under the age of 12, or youth inmates to send a gift to their parents.  The children’s gifts are purchased according to the parents’ wishes.  Then the volunteers send the gifts and the parents’/youths’ Christmas cards to their homes, and take time to care for the families.  Thus, providing support to families in need in areas, such as counselling, referral of social resources, etc.  At the same time, we also arrange the church to continue to care for these families.

Gifts for the inmates

We prepare the thousands to over ten thousand gift packs which are contributed by the donors and rehabilitated offender volunteers to the inmates in the Christian Festival every year.  Apart from the various types of snacks, the gospel tract together with year calendar inside the gift pack.  Each gift pack represents the loves of donors and rehabilitated offender volunteers to the inmates of the correctional institutions, children and juvenile home and immigration centre so that they can enjoy the festival atmosphere.