Full Grace Fellowship

Full Grace Fellowship has 2 groups of rehabilitated persons in need of pastoral care, namely, Men’s Group and Black-hand Women’s Group (repeated female offenders) every Tuesday night.  The fellowship serves as the platform for them to build a relationship with churches, so that referrals can be smoothly arranged for them to adapt to the churches’ environments.  The fellowship was also the stage for the participants of the Onesimus Training Scheme to practise serving others.  

Seeds Fellowship

The members of Seeds Fellowship are English speaking rehabilitated persons and they meet bi-monthly on Thursdays.  The fellowship conducts live and online video gatherings for rehabilitated persons who stay locally and those who return home overseas.  The rehabilitated persons support one another to build each other up in a healthy body-mind and Spirit!

Youth Onesimus Fellowship

Youth Onesimus is a holistic care service for rehabilitated young people. It connects with young people who have left the institution through different forms of activities to help them grow in their faith and provide guidance to them in choosing the right direction in life while also creating a home of love and truth for them.  To help the young people leave their former circles of bad influence, encourage each other, and build a new life.

Along with KSA co-workers who work with the rehabilitated young people, there is also a group of people whose lives have been changed.  Young rehabilitated persons, these peers understand the needs and struggles of fellow young people therefore it is easy to establish friendships with each other. We provide a full range of care, from work to family to the needs of body, mind, and soul, Youth Onesimus becomes another home for rehabilitating young people and seeing life impact life.

Apart from the regular gatherings on Saturday afternoon, we also organize various recreational activities, such as hiking, barbecue, skating, concerts, etc., and volunteer activities, such as visiting the elderly who live alone, distributing moon cakes to the community, sharing in schools, etc., also holding life planning seminars, providing job referrals, etc. to help young people live an active and positively impactful life.