Family Counselling

Our professionals provide individual counselling, marital counselling and family counselling on family reconciliation basis.

Inmates and Rehabilitated Persons’ Children’s Ministry

Education Sponsorship
With the sponsorship of a fund, we can provide financial assistance to the children of inmates and rehabilitated persons to participate in tuition classes and interest classes, therefore they will not lose the opportunity to develop their interests because of family financial difficulties.  Many young children have improved their academic performance and their families have been relieved of financial pressure by receiving financial support.

Back to School Programme
Since some of the inmates and rehabilitated persons’ families have only a single income for family support, it is extremely difficult for families to provide essential needs for their children if their parents lose their jobs or have an unstable income. Moreover, these families also face extra financial burdens when their children start a new school year. This programme will help to alleviate the financial burden for these families.

Children Mentorship Programme

Angel Tree Christmas Programme